TecHome Builder – November 2016

Washington’s foremost green builder and developer has completed Seattle’s first home that meets Emerald Star certification, a new standard that challenges LEED and Built Green.

Dwell Development uses a third-party green certification program, known as Built Green, to test the sustainability of its homes. Built Green uses a star-rating system from three to five stars, with five stars representing a net zero or net positive home that relies on efficient tech and sustainable design.

Dwell is the only builder in the city of Seattle that exclusively builds Built Green five-star homes, but it wants to inspire an industry change. It set out to build and design a home that could exceed five-star certification, meeting a new standard known as Emerald Star.

The homebuilder exceeds the existing five-star standard by ensuring these homes are net zero ready through the use of rooftop solar panels. Essentially, Dwell makes it easy for homebuyers to include rooftop solar as an add-on by designing and running electrical systems to the roof and other key areas. This would typically require extra work should the homebuyer want to add solar.

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