Seattle's Leading Green Builder

Dwell Development was founded on the belief that high performance home building can lead to a more sustainable future. With over 300 certified Built Green homes in the greater Seattle area, Dwell Development’s withstanding commitment to energy efficient homes has transformed the local traditional landscape for residential development.

Award-Winning Homes

We pride ourselves on our ability to build homes to the absolute highest standards. Dwell Development continuously strives to build the most energy-efficient, high-performance homes, including Seattle’s first Emerald Star home. Over 30 Dwell Development homes have been recognized and celebrated with some of the most prestigious awards in the green building industry.


Dwell Development uses the latest, proven technologies and design elements to provide innovative homes. Each component is designed to utilize as little energy as possible. With smart integrated control systems sustainability has never been so easy – or felt so good.


Green Experts & Innovators

At the heart of our work is a commitment to creating buildings that do more good than harm, that are efficient, comfortable, healthy and beautiful.

Using our knowledge of high-performance homes, we employ the most advanced technologies while utilizing reclaimed materials. We achieve the best indoor air quality and energy efficiency while creating an environmentally-friendly home

Energy-Efficient, Net-Zero Living

With a target of Net-Zero energy usage, all Dwell Development homes have an integrated solar panel system to offset the already minimal energy use. Each component of a Dwell Development home is designed to utilize as little energy as possible. 

Healthy home, healthy lifestyle

We achieve the best indoor air quality and energy efficiency while creating an environmentally friendly home. With an airtight envelope, thorough insulation, and protection from the elements, these homes maintain consistent, high-quality air temperature year round.

Built to Last, High-Performance Homes

Durable, high-quality, and an incredible attention to detail. In addition to the latest green building systems, Dwell Development uses reclaimed, local, and recycled materials for every aspect of the home. Nothing is more sustainable than a long-lasting home



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