Established in 2005, Dwell Development is an award-winning, sustainable residential builder. Dwell Development is founded in the belief that sustainable, efficient design can create a better tomorrow. Dwell has specialized in the design and build of high-performance, modern homes throughout Seattle and the surrounding areas.

Dwell Development’s contribution to the Greater Seattle area has transformed the traditional landscape for residential design and construction by exclusively building energy-efficient homes featuring high performance properties and sleek modern designs. Each home is built to last and designed with maximum comfort, urban livability, and health in mind.

As leading experts in the field, Dwell Development is constantly working towards the advancement and growth of sustainable design practices. Dwell strives towards creating the most energy-efficient homes in the world.


Anthony Maschmedt


With more than seventeen years experience building homes in the greater Seattle area, Anthony is an advocate for sustainable design and Net Zero Energy construction. He continues to push the envelope in the built green community with innovative construction methods that have positively influenced city building practices.  As a result of this commitment and effort, Anthony and Dwell have won numerous National, Regional and Local Sustainable and Design Awards. As a lifelong Seattleite, Anthony has a deep commitment to creating communities that bring together like-minded individuals who value sustainability and a modern reclaimed design.

Anthony has served as the Chair on the Board of the MBA’s Built Green Residential Building Program for the last five years.  He serves on the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) Sustainability & Green Building Subcommittee. He is a key member of the Columbia City Business Association and Georgetown Communities,  and is sought after as a thought leader in the national and local sustainable communities to promote and share Dwell Development’s green agenda.

Abbey Maschmedt

Project Manager

As Design Project Manager at Dwell Development, Abbey is not only focused on selecting home finishes, but more importantly, seeking out rare, reclaimed materials that make each home a one-of-a-kind. Abbey collaborates with local suppliers to incorporate high end products and sustainable materials into every home to reflect a unique design personality.

Recently Abbey received international recognition for efforts in green design. Abbey worked in the building trades for over 20 years before joining forces with her husband Anthony in 2013. Abbey’s design is most inspired by travel. She appreciates the historical architecture found around the world.

Kimball Taylor


As a Pacific Northwest native, Kimball Taylor joined the Dwell team at the end of 2019. He started in the construction industry as a laborer at the age of 16 and was quickly made a project lead and supervisor by the age of 25. In addition to his wonderful personality, Kimball also brings more than 35 years of residential construction experiences to the Dwell team. In his roll of Superintendent, he pulls most his knowledge from his previous work experience as a self-employed contractor. While averaging a completed construction of 28 homes a year, through trial and error Kimball has found the best building practices to construct a superior structure. With Dwell Development, Kimball looks forward to continuing to work with some of the most cutting-edge building processes and with one of the most enthusiastic construction teams he has been a part of.

Jackson Murphy

Project Coordinator

Jackson grew up in Chico, California. He graduated in 2018 from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he was a leader on his NCAA division II record setting baseball team for his junior and senior seasons. Following graduation, he moved to Seattle and began his career in sustainability at Evergreen Certified. After Tadashi Shiga and his team showed him the ropes of best practices in sustainable construction and building science, he joined Dwell Development. As a Project Coordinator at Dwell, Jackson’s roles include project management and on-site supervision throughout the construction process. Jackson is a fresh new addition to the Dwell team and is excited to be hands-on learning from one of the most recognized and successful green building pioneers in the country. With a shared passion, he looks forward to helping innovate the green building industry.




Denise Haugen Williams


Denise brings over 30 years of number crunching experience in multiple industries. A transplant from Oregon she began her career with a local Seattle CPA firm who specialized in construction accounting which helped developed her passion for the construction, and property management industry. Her years of experience and construction knowledge make her uniquely qualified for the challenge of Building green homes that are affordable in a challenging real estate climate, which has become her latest mission.

Tadashi Shiga

Owner,Evergreen Certified

Tadashi Shiga, owner of Evergreen Certified, possesses the knowledge, experience, and determination to help Dwell Development achieve their sustainable building project goals. Tadashi goes beyond mere consultation and works to build systems that create lasting change. With an interest in continual development, Tadashi stays current on all new green building techniques and strategies through regular training and certification.

In addition to Built Green Verifier, he possesses several advanced sustainable building credentials and affiliations including Certified HERS rater, Northwest ENERGY STAR Verifier and US Department of Energy Builders Challenge Partner. He is also the only Passivhaus certifier in Washington State.

Allison Newell

Owner,Three Six Oh Media

Allison is the founder of Three Six Oh Media, a Seattle-based communications and marketing firm with clients across the country. She handles all marketing and PR efforts for Dwell Development and can be reached at allison@threesixohmedia.com.


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