The Built Green certification program was developed to establish environmental standards for construction materials, energy efficiency, water use and indoor air quality. The voluntary program requires builders to follow a specific set of criteria to attain a Built Green rating ranging from 3-Star, 4-Star, 5-Star or Emerald Star.


We are the only residential developer in Washington state that exclusively builds 5-Star Built Green homes and are leading the charge for green building certification in the region with the completion of the first spec Emerald Star certified home in Seattle, our 100th Built Green certified home.



  • 2023 Built Green Project of the Year – Dwell Lakehouse
  • 2023 Built Green Hammer Award: Builder, Remodel
  • 2021 Built Green Hammer Award: Builder, Custom or Small Speculative
  • 2019 Built Green Hammer Award: Project of the Year
  • 2017 Built Green Hammer Award: Small Speculative or Custom
  • 2015 Built Green Project of the Year
  • 2014 Built Green Hammer Award
  • 2014 Built Green Pioneer Award
  • 2013 Built Green Hammer Award: Small Speculative
  • 2012 Built Green Hammer Award
  • 2011 Built Green Hammer Award: Builder, Small Production

Net Zero Case Studies

Ballard Emerald Star

Dwell Development’s projects are on the cutting edge, and their latest accomplishment might be their crown jewel thus far – an Emerald Star home in Ballard. Emerald Star is the highest possible Built Green certification level…

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Columbia City Cork Haus

Dwell Development does it again, this time completing the first net-zero energy speculative home in the Seattle market. The Dwell Development team decided to take sustainable building to the next level with this project…

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Genesee Park Net Zero

Known for their market-leading sustainability, Dwell Development recently completed the first home to receive the new Built Green® Net Zero Energy Label. This single-family home sits adjacent to Genesee Park and features…

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Built Green Case Studies

Dwell Development Lakehouse 2.0, Featured on Built Green's Case Studies

Dwell Development Lakehouse 2.0

In most cases, similarly zoned sites would see the existing house demolished, then subdivided to create 3 new approximately 7,000-square-foot parcels, with 3 new single-family homes built.

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Columbia City Passive House

A diamond among gems, this Built Green 5-star home in the cutting-edge Columbia Station micro-community has also achieved the formidable Passive House certification. Passive House-certified buildings…

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Downtown Kirkland 5-Star Built Green Home

The construction of these modern and efficient side-by-side homes was managed by Chris Lewis of CTL Design, a former Dwell Development employee. Built to typical Dwell specs, the homes feature a harmonious mix…

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Columbia City Reclaimed Modern

Dwell Development ups its ante once again with its first net zero electricity home. With over eight kW of locally manufactured Itek solar panels, this home is expected to generate more energy than it consumes…

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Rainier Vista – 5 Star Townhome

This four-home micro-community in Seattle’s Rainier Vista neighborhood is a great example of 5-Star green building and design at an accessible price point. The units range from 1,350 to 1,850 square feet…

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Central District Built Green

Dwell Development’s single-family home in South Seattle is a demonstration of good green design in an urban environment. Dwell’s project preserved all of the large trees along the right of way, providing integration…

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Beacon Hill Green Home

These featured projects are four, 5-Star single-family homes in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Dwell Development has created a community of single-family homes that balance sustainable building…

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