Grand winners of this year’s DOE Housing Innovation competition are market ready and show that the future is here

Department of Energy analysis shows that commercial acceptance of zero energy-ready homes could save homeowners approximately $350 billion in utility bills, add about 120,000 persistent new jobs that can’t be outsourced, and reduce carbon emissions by around 3 million metric tons. Leading builders are willing to take the leap on these high-performance homes and are providing a whole new buyer experience. The homes are future ready, comfort ready, tech ready, health ready, solar ready, and moisture resistant. For these leaders—and their buyers—this is the future of housing, and it’s here today.

With these homes, the builders are seeing decreased time on the market, improved customer satisfaction, reduced callbacks, and compelling market differentiation. As proof that the future of housing is here today, take a look at the Grand winners that follow. To read more, visit our Tour of Zero.

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