Times are changing, and the world is going green. Sure, we have seen a number of interesting and compelling ‘green’ designs in the world of architecture, but today we take a look at something unique. Today we get a look at A Green Way Of Life By Dwell Development. Dwell Development recently constructed a new home in Seattle’s historic Capitol Hill neighborhood, adding a green roof with a solar package.

This unique home finds a modern approach, while the solar panels and green roof are barely visible from the street. The roof features a 9Kw solar package, while the raised rows of solar panels allow a green roof to grow underneath it. From there the home can harness natural energy from the sun and reduce carbon emissions, all while providing a stunning home for the owners. Have a look at the beautiful, contemporary home in the images below and give us your thoughts in the comments. Stay tuned for more amazing architecture and design coming soon.

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