Green Leaders: Dwell Development’s commitment to sustainable building has earned it industry accolades and steady sales. 

When Anthony Maschmedt started Dwell Development in 2005, he knew he didn’t want to be another face in the crowd of Seattle homebuilders. “I took a left turn compared to other builders – I went very modern architecture-wise and decided to build sustainable homes, which no one was doing then,” he says.

Dwell Development’s focus on green construction guided it through he housing market downturn, which hit just a few years after the company opened. “We were still pre-selling homes in the down market because we were different,” he says. “By getting as deep into green as we could, we knew that when the market came back, we would be out in front. We are now enjoying the fruits of being a leader in the marketplace and not a follower.”

The company considers itself a “custom spec” builder. “We build 100 percent on spec, buy lots and design homes ourselves, but every design is different – we’ve never done the same home twice,” he says.

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