Dwell Unveils Tiny Living Spaces in 5-Star, ‘Built Green’ Seattle Apartment Building

Dwell Development has completed its a sustainable, multi family structure in Seattle in a move that is its first venture away from building single-family homes and townhomes. The building includes 54 small efficiency and live/work units ranging from 280 to 310 square feet.

Dwell points out that Seattle is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US and says these types of eco-friendly, small efficiency units are “an idea solution to urban density.”

The building achieved 5-star Built Green certification. Dwell says it is one of the first apartment buildings in Seattle to use solar thermal technology for hot water heating.

Other features include:

  • the use of reclaimed, local, and recycled materials for every aspect of the building;
  • an airtight envelope and thorough insulation, which allows the building to maintain consistent, high-quality air temperature year round;
  • smart, integrated control systems for maximum energy efficiency;
  • a location that is within walking distance to major pedestrian streets and transit terminals.

Dwell Development, a “green home” builder in Seattle, says it was “founded in the belief that sustainable, efficient design can create a better tomorrow.”

Sustainable building can benefit not only tenants but builders themselves. Bloomberg said last year that building a sustainable office structure brings savings even during the construction phase. Using LED lights during the construction process, for example, saved the company 500,000 KWhr and more than $106,000, the company told Environmental Leader. And LEED-certified buildings have been shown to have 34% lower CO2 emissions, consume 25% less energy and 11% less water, diverting over 80 million tons of waste from landfills, according to the US Green Building Council.

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