Summer 2019

NoCo Flats: Sustainable Unicorn

This same realization has guided a very different project, Seattle-based Dwell Development has created 54 units of sustainable rental housing, sized and priced to meet growing demand in South Seattle.

NoCo Flats is a sustainably built, amenities-packed apartment building in the fast-growing, diverse, and walkable Columbia City neighborhood. Just a fifteen-minute light rail ride from downtown and close to some of Seattle’s best-known businesses and nightlife spots, the building offers 2,000 square feet of commercial and community space, including a rooftop deck and courtyard.

Dwell built their reputation on sustainable single-family homes and smaller townhouse projects. NoCo flats is Dwell’s first apartment building and according to Principal Anthony Maschmedt, they had to scale up considerably to complete the project and meet their sustainability goals. Such a project would have been challenging for anyone, but Dwell also aimed to achieve Built Green 5-Star certification.

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