We build sustainable homes because it’s the right thing to do.

Urban Site

Healthy home, healthy lifestyle. Each home is located within walking distance to major pedestrian streets, transit terminals, and dense, diverse infrastructure.

High Performance

You’ve never experienced comfort like this. With an airtight envelope, thorough insulation, and protection from the elements, these homes maintain consistent, high-quality air temperature year round.

Energy Efficiency

Each component is designed to utilize as little energy as possible. From smart integrated control systems to radiant floor heating, sustainability has never been so easy – or felt so good.

Reclaimed Materials

Dwell prioritizes the use of reclaimed, local, and recycled materials for every aspect of the home. Go ahead, show off your 100-year old hardwood floors!

Renewable Energy

With a target of net-zero energy usage, many of the homes have an integrated solar panel system to offset the already minimal energy use.

Built To Last

Durable, high-quality, and an incredible attention to detail. Nothing is more sustainable than a long-lasting home.